HUMICON keeps the temperature as it is and removes only moisture

Desiccant Dehumidification, HUMICON

Reduce the humidity and feel more comfortable
without temperature
The temperature does not go up
Cooling with dehumidification
Fundamentally resolving air conditioner sickness!
Clean ventilation preventing moisture inflow
When it prevents moisture inflow, it is indeed premium ventilation
Minimizing floating
virus viability
Viruses are hard to survive!
Faster air cleaning
There's no problem with fine dust!
More powerful
deodorizing capability
Removing odors and VOCs
Reducing greenhouse gases
Saving electricity bill
You can save on cooling costs!
We strognly recommend it!
"Is there a better way to treat
allergic rhinitis?"
Patients sensitive to ventilation or temperature changes
"My child can't sleep because
the air is so humid."
A mother who cares
about her child's sleep
"Even though it's hot, I can't turn
on the air conditioner because
I'm afraid it will harm my baby."
A pregnant woman in
postpartum care
"The room is full of dust
but difficult to ventilate.."
Senior with Limited Mobility
to Get Outside
"he warehouse is extremely humid,
and I'm concerned that mold
and rust will continue to build.."
Those in charge who are worried about the factory environment
"Is there any way to reduce
the use of air conditioning?"
Those who consider
environmental protection